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Spend With Ukraine to Stand With Ukraine

Spend With Ukraine is a non-profit organization that works towards promoting Ukrainian products and services globally. We curate a web platform with a list of 200+ Ukrainian-rooted businesses.

The mission of this initiative is to support the Ukrainian economy by promoting world-class Ukrainian products and services worldwide and helping them find customers.

Spend with Ukraine to stand with Ukraine.

On, you can find a catalog of Ukrainian businesses operating in the international market, from tech unicorns to artisan brands. 

All companies are divided into the following categories: gadgets, fashion, productivity, education, creativity, lifestyle, home and accessories, services, and agencies.

Remarkably, you can discover well-known brands such as Ratataype, MacPaw, Bevza, Petcube, Grammarly, Reface, Preply, Delfast, Awesomic, Gunia Project, Banda, and many other prospective companies with Ukrainian roots. 

We believe that the combination of culture and commerce these creative brands represent is a powerful way of providing a distinctive image of Ukraine. 

The world is going to see and experience a very different Ukraine it might've used to while looking at us through the incredible, beautiful, ingenious, fresh, and exciting new products they wish they had learned about earlier. 

The project was featured on Inc., BBC, The Guardian, CNN, WWD, and many other local media. Also, the project was endorsed by Volodymyr Zelenslkiy. 

The initiator of the project became the startup team O0 Design

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