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5 Key Functions of Ratatype That Can Benefit Teachers

Teachers play a crucial role in helping their students develop essential skills, including typing skills, which are important in the digital age. By using Ratatype, teachers can provide their students with a fun and engaging platform to practice and improve their typing skills. In this article, we'll explore five key functions of Ratatype that can benefit teachers.

Typing tutor

Ratatype's typing tutor is an excellent tool for helping students improve their typing skills. The program provides a series of typing exercises and lessons designed to help students develop their typing speed and accuracy. As a teacher, you can use this feature to help your students improve their typing skills, which will help them become more productive and efficient in their work.

Typing test

Ratatype offers a typing test that can be used to evaluate students' typing skills. As a teacher, you can use these tests to assess your students' typing abilities. The test will show you how fast and accurate your students are typing, and it can also help you track their learning progress. Additionally, the test is a great opportunity to practice typing — the more practice, the better results.


The Classes function in Ratatype offers a centralized and organized way for teachers to monitor their students' typing progress, as all results are compiled into a single report. With this feature, teachers can also manage their students' accounts by adding or removing them, as well as updating their login credentials. Additionally, Classes are integrated with Google Classroom, which allows teachers to seamlessly integrate the platform into their existing teaching systems. Overall, the Classes feature streamlines the process of managing and monitoring students' typing progress, making it easier for teachers to provide targeted support and track overall improvement.

Game mode

Ratatype's Game Mode feature offers a unique and effective way for teachers to help their students improve their typing skills while keeping them motivated and engaged in the learning process. By incorporating games into their lessons, teachers can create a more engaging learning environment that encourages active participation and helps students stay focused. Ratatype's Game Mode is designed to make the process of learning to type more enjoyable and engaging by incorporating playful elements. However, this feature does not compromise the effectiveness of the learning process. Instead, it offers a unique and interactive way for users to practice their typing skills while having fun.


Ratatype supports multiple languages, which makes it an ideal tool for teachers who work with multilingual students. The platform offers typing exercises and lessons in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, and many more. This feature can help teachers provide support to students who are learning a new language or who are more comfortable typing in their native language.

By using these features, teachers can help their students improve their typing skills, assess their progress, provide additional support, and make learning more enjoyable. If you're a teacher looking to help your students develop their typing skills, Ratatype is definitely worth considering.

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